Laundry Day

Saturday was for laundry. In the past couple of months however, it had also become when they saw each other. Lucy started noticing her when their timing left them folding their clothes next to each other. At first, it was just smiles and catching each other’s eyes. Sometimes, they would make small talk. The time she’d come with her friend, Lucy had caught her name from their conversation. Monica. All of Lucy’s friends knew she just had to go ahead and take the step. They had even offered to give her the push if she needed. Lucy knew this was something she had to do for herself though, if anything could possibly come of it.

Today wasn’t looking like the day however. She was almost done with her laundry and Monica was nowhere to be seen. Maybe she’d switched her schedule? There went Lucy’s opportunity. All the courage she’d mustered this past week was almost extinguished when Monica finally walked in.

Lucy did her best to hide her smile as she continued folding. Monica was soon by her side with her own load to fold. They must have missed each other between cycles until now. Neither of them said anything as they folded. Out of the corner of her eye, Lucy noticed Monica struggling with her bed sheets. Without a word, she helped her manage the king sized sheet.

"Thanks." Monica said as they smoothed out the sheet before starting to fold.

"It’s no problem." Lucy kept her eyes on the sheet and drew in a breath. "Listen, would you like to grab something to eat sometime?"

The final fold brought them face to face and Lucy finally looked at Monica. 

"I thought you were never going to ask." Monica answered with a smirk.