On getting published and making a name of yourself when you are still no one...

I think it’s all about exposing yourself to new things. Granted, easier said than done, but it is the bottom line.

As a writer, I think of getting published (no matter the scale) as the ultimate goal. In that sense, it’s only natural that someone of my age would be submitting to something of my scale. Let our example be student publications. 

Greatest training grounds I’ve ever encountered. Surely, some people are past that stage but it does not mean that you can’t find a publication that fits your current stage as a writer. I think that the first step, after mustering the bravery to try to get published, is finding where to attempt to get published.

Once the gears start turning however, keep in mind consistency. I strive to create my writer self while at the same time discovering it. Try to find something that sticks for you and make sure that whoever wants to refer to you as a writer, sticks to it too.

This will all take time, if it even made sense to you as you read it to start with. But just remember to do your best to create your true self and stick to it once you find it.