Rescuing the Hero

The streets are so silent she can hear her own steps rushing down the pavement. She wants to find her as soon as possible. Thankfully, she does when she turns the corner into an alley. Noose is seating next to a pile of trash bags in the back of it, trying to recover enough to get up.

"Calm down, don’t force yourself." Hallie pleads as she comes running to her side, kneeling next to her. "Hold on, I’m going to get you out of here." She assures her softly.

Their eyes meet for a moment without saying anything else. Slowly, Hallie reaches for Noose’s high neck and leans closer, she pulls the fabric down and kisses her lips softly, backing away after a few seconds. The vigilante’s tired eyes meet hers as if asking for more. But there isn’t any more.

"Come on." Hallie says as she breaks their eye contact and passes one of Noose’s arms over her shoulders to pull her up.

"Ah!" Noose complains as she threatens to fall back down but with Hallie’s help she manages to stay standing.

"I’m taking you back to my place, you are in no condition to be on your own." Hallie says as they start walking, leading them towards her apartment.

"No, I can’t-"

"It wasn’t an option, I’m not letting you be by yourself." The woman prevents her from saying anything else.

Noose would have declined once more but she has to hold her stomach from the pain.

"We are almost there, hang in there." Hallie tries to keep the woman steady.

As they reach the apartment’s door, Hallie opens the door as fast as she can. Bringing Noose into the apartment, she sits the vigilante down on her bed and helps her lay back slowly.

"Relax, I’ll go get my first aid kit. It doesn’t have much, but at least I can clean and bandage your wounds." Hallie says as she walks away from the side of the bed and out of the room.

The vigilante lets go of a sigh as she closes her eyes. She feels safe, nothing is wrong. Before even knowing it, she falls asleep. Hallie smiles softly when she finds her like that. She lets her sleep and works quietly and delicately. About twenty minutes go by before Noose opens her eyes again, only to find Hallie still tending over her. Her warm hand is inches away from her cheek, tracing her face’s contour. The kind hand withdraws rapidly as she notices the vigilante waking up.

"H-how are you feeling?" She asks her impromptu patient.

"Better, thank you."

"I should thank you for calling me, I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if you’d been left helpless." Hallie says as she trails the bandage she’s put over Noose’s stomach.

"It’s just a few scratches." She tries to laugh it off, but it makes her cringe as her muscles contract.

A flash of worry crosses Hallie’s eyes as she places her hand tenderly over her stomach wounds until Noose is able to relax again.

"Your ribs are bruised, don’t force yourself."

Noose only nods and even though her wounds ache, all the vigilante can think about is the kiss.

"Listen, about the kiss-"

"Oh geez, I am so sorry about that! I almost wish you’d forgotten, I thought maybe it could keep you distracted from the pain or something. It was really stupid of me, I shouldn’t have done that." Hallie won’t look her in the eye and fusses for a moment before standing.

Reaching out and grabbing her hand, Noose manages to stop her before she walks away from the bed.

"It’s okay." The woman turns to look at her then and her expression tells Noose she should continue. "I know it should be otherwise, but I’ve wanted to do the same thing for a while now."

Hallie’s expression softens at the admission and the vigilante can feel her relax in her grip. With a relieved sigh, Hallie sits on the edge of the bed again.

"I’m really glad you called me." She admits again, a soft smile on her lips as she tucks a strand of hair behind her ear.