Her voice is a whisper between the blankets and her arms wrap around your neck. A smile spreads over your lips as they settle against your back. Their breath is in your ear, a relieved sigh. The sun filters through the blinds, it must be close to noon. 

"Tell me three good reasons why you really need to get out of this bed." You can tell they keep coming in and out of sleep from their voice. 

"You are awfully warm."

"Rude." They protest without much force.

You smile as you continue. “Bowel movements.”

They smile at that now and you can feel it against your neck, the curving of their soft lips. “Go on.”


Winning bet, their arms unlatch with a pleased hum. You take the chance to turn around. They stretch at length and you admire the extent of their body in the yellow light.

"See something you like?" 

"Perhaps." Your hand reaches over and wraps around their waist. 

Those things were going to have to wait.