Superknot - Issue #1

Trey and Hallie stumbled out of the backdoor of the bar loudly, walking into the pilled trashcans near the door causing the tin to clank and sound all over the silent alley. Between laughs, Hallie shushed her partner as he tried to walk straight. She was just as noisy as him, but he was certainly drunker than her. It was around 2:00AM and the city was fast asleep, the best they could try to do was not wake up the whole neighborhood.

“Hallie, Hallie wait, remember this?” Trey said in between silent laughs in the dark of the alley. He swayed his hips around, which was proving quite the challenge for him as he couldn’t quite tell which way he needed to sway to recreate the moment.

It had happened earlier that night; a businessman had taken his shirt off and danced on top of the bar. He had the night’s best way to wash away his stress from work. It made Hallie glad they’d left the bar before Trey hit that same stage, he was much too close to it for her to control him if he did hit it. Her biggest challenge now would be getting Trey home without him falling flat on his face in the middle of the sidewalk. Initially they hadn’t gone out to get this careless, but one shot had come after the other and it ended up as a relationship relief for them both except with a more of a singles’ support twist in it. Neither of them had had a relationship in a while and what was there not to drink to that at their mid 20s. For all they knew their time was coming to an end and their hopes and dreams were all going downhill soon. All that was mostly the alcohol talking though, they both had steady jobs and not too horribly boring social lives.

“Hey Hallie, have I- Have I told you how much I care about you yet?” Trey trailed on as he leaned on his companion who was trying to get him away from the tipped over trashcans.

“Yes Trey, about a million times; now stay still so we can get out of here.” she said struggling with his weight as he swayed with each step he attempted to complete.

“But why? The night is young and out here is wonderful, let’s go walk in the boulevard!” he exclaimed as he yanked himself off of her and stumbled rapidly to the alley’s end where the dark met the lights of the main boulevard.

“Come back here Trey, you can’t even walk straight!” Hallie trailed after him before he got too far.

“It’s so nice out today, look at the lights Hallie!” she wasn’t even next to him to hear as he waltzed in the boulevard’s sidewalk which he managed to stay in even though his moves were so erratic.

Hallie couldn’t even look at the lights directly anymore with the amount of alcohol running through her brain. It was like staring into high beamers and it made it hard for her to see where Trey was heading in his aimlessness. The bar they’d been in was in downtown and being in the heart of the city, there were streets and alleyways to anywhere else around there. Her best luck was trying not to lose sight of her drinking buddy and attempt to get him home as soon as possible. She had to thank the increasingly demeaning attention span of Trey which helped her catch up with him as he’d stopped in front of a giant poster displayed outside the city’s movie theater.

“This looks interesting, we should go see it; maybe we can catch the last show!” Trey proposed turning to Hallie as she caught up with him.

Shaking her head at the fact that the movie theater was obviously closed by that time, she patted Trey on the shoulder. “We can come back to see it some other time.” Hallie assured him as he ushered him to keep walking down the street.

Trey bumped into her slightly as they walked, as he looked around the boulevard. Walking pass another alleyway, he noticed several figures in the dark. “They must be here for the movie too!” he said with an excited tone to call for Hallie’s attention.

The alley was a dead end and there were three figures in it. One in the floor and a second one being held up by the third figure that was standing up, which punched its captive unconscious and let them fall a moment later. The figure dropped to the floor and their attacker turned towards Hallie and Trey. Hallie’s eyes were fixed on the shadowed figure and Trey was swaying on his standing spot next to her, laughing under his breath as he watched. As it turned away completely from the two figures on the floor, the third walked into the light that crept into the alley from the boulevard. Now in the light, Hallie and Trey could see the figure was wearing a black body suit with a tall neck that covered her mouth, combat boots and a hooded military jacket, her eyes were covered by a mask that matched the body suit, making her clear grey eyes pop out and her expression seem stern towards them.

“Crime is around every corner and unless you are looking for trouble, I’d advice you head your way.” the masked figure suggested as she looked at them.

It had to be the alcohol playing with her behavior but Hallie was actually excited about being there. What they’d just seen was none other than the city’s vigilante at work. Trey wouldn’t even remember it the next day but they’d seen Noose and it was like a dream come true for Hallie! Noose looked at them for a moment longer and seeing as they didn’t say anything, she turned away, went back to the two knocked out criminals and pulled rope out from her utility belt to tie them up. Hallie turned to Trey, putting her hand on his shoulder so he would stop swaying on spot and pay attention to her.

“Do you know who that is Trey? It’s Noose!” she said in a hushed but still excited tone to him.

“I don’t know who she is but she looks HOT in that costume! Is she famous?” Trey asked as his eyes went from Hallie back to Noose.

Hallie pushed him off jokingly for his comment, which transmitted as him almost tripping over himself. He grabbed on to the edge of the building that walled the alley to keep himself from falling and laughed. Turning back to look at Noose, Hallie gave a couple steps towards her. Standing up straight after finishing tying up the two unconscious criminals, Noose noticed Hallie had stepped forward and she turned towards them again to pay attention to whatever she had to say if anything at all.

“I-um…” Hallie felt a knot in her throat, ironically. She didn’t have much to say except of how much she admired Noose’s work, but who approached superheroes with that? They were busy individuals.

Trey was the one that had something to say though as a hurling noise snapped Hallie out of her fangirl moment, only to see him puking into a trashcan when she turned around.

“Hallie… I don’t… feel too… well…” he trailed off, sitting on the floor as he couldn’t stand anymore. His eyes were glazed over and got heavier for him, starting to close on him.

“Oh no, no, no, come on Trey, stay with me.” Hallie asked of him as she ran to his side, trying to keep him awake.

She had to keep him awake; otherwise they’d be no way Hallie was going to be able to get him home. Noose walked up behind Hallie, she could see there was no waking him anymore no matter how much the girl kept trying. Brushing her blonde hair back, Noose moved pass Hallie and grabbed Trey’s arm, swinging it over her shoulders and lifting him up with extraordinary ease. Hallie looked up at her, standing up as well, a little embarrassed to find herself in this situation.

“Where are you guys going?” Noose asked the girl, fixing the guy’s position to make sure he wouldn’t slip off.

“Several blocks over, he lives in the Diamantine Tower.” she answered, standing next to her, she was shorter than Noose and Trey and it made her feel slightly more ashamed.

“Let’s go then, I’ll give you a hand.” Noose said starting their walk down the boulevard once more.

Hallie followed next to her, walking next to the superhero, not sure of what to say and half not believing this was even happening to her. They walked silently for a while, but Hallie felt like she had to say something, to not waste this unique chance.

“I hope we didn’t interrupt your work and thank you for helping us out.” Hallie said not sure if she should be looking for conversation to start with.

“Don’t mention it, but try to be more careful next time.” the superhero answered, looking at the girl from the side as they kept walking.

“This is such a weird situation, I never thought I’d actually even see you in person…” she was digressing out of better things to say.

“It would be better if you avoid telling me your life story, it’s not my business.” Noose stopped her, looking forward as they walked now. She wasn’t very fond of connecting with citizens.

“Of course, yes.” Hallie agreed, looking down to the floor, she shouldn’t have start a conversation to start with, she knew that.

There was a couple blocks left before they got to the building and nobody said anything else the rest of the way. Hallie was kicking herself mentally for messing up such a perfect opportunity, who gets to spend time with Noose on a normal basis? She would probably not see her ever again.

“We are here.” Noose announced as Hallie almost walked pass the building entirely.

“Thank you again.” Hallie said simply still ashamed from having ruined the perfect chance of her life.

“Can you get your boyfriend up to his place from here?” Noose asked looking at the girl.

“Oh please, Trey is not my boyfriend!” she assured with a laugh. “But yes, I can take him from here.”

With an extra nod to assure Noose, Hallie took Trey’s other arm around her shoulders so she would take it from the superhero. After Noose let go she realized how much effort she actually needed to keep Trey up and it made her that much more grateful that they’d stumbled with the vigilante. It took her a moment to adjust herself towards the entrance so she could carry Trey inside.

“Stay out of trouble.” Hallie heard Noose say behind her back, to which she looked over her shoulder to answer with a smile, but the vigilante was nowhere to be seen.

“I will.” she said softly before turning to face front and head into the building to get Trey to his apartment.

He wasn’t going to believe this night when she told him about it the next day.

-Published in Graffiti Literary Magazine, Spring 2013